Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cinder Block Gardening - Happy First Day of Spring

As anyone who reads me knows, I have an old cinder block house built in 1947. Well over the years we have removed cinder block fences and stacked the bricks at the back of the property an acre away, behind the barn.

Over the years, my neighbors have taken quite a bit of them. However, I have quite a few left. When planning this years garden, (minus the ground squirrels) I was trying to figure out how to do raised. The cost was a little overwhelming until I stumbled upon the idea of cinder blocks.

I have those!! Yay!! Or Yeah!! Now all I need is some wire for the bottom, (to keep out the squirrels), and dirt. I can haul the dirt in our truck.

If only it wasn't snowing in New Mexico today I would get started. When it dries out a bit I will post a before pic of my project, and try and get a during and after.

I love this one below, because it has a wood ledge and looks very clean.

I should be able to make 2 really large ones, similar to the ones pictured here.

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