Saturday, January 29, 2011

Painting Exterior Doors -- Black Doors

I am absolutely loving black doors. I love them all year long.
So, that begs the question do I paint my doors?
Oh, and yes, I currently should be painting my bookshelves.

Years ago, and I mean years, they were a blue/black, and the dog that did the scratching has since passed. Anyway, the house is old, and the doors don't match, and they kind of aren't 100% square, so, it begs the question....Do I paint them black? Or...Do I paint them to match the house? Hmmmmm.

So embarassing, really needs painting. This is the door that is more out of square than the others.
See how it looks and is uneven. I have tried everything, it is just the way it is going to be on a house built in 1947.

Suggestions? Comments?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend Projects -- Bookcases -- Bookshelves

At least 9 months ago we painted this room white white. I say, white white, because it is a true bright white. I love it. But, as you can see we didn't do the bookcase. The bookcase is a taupe with a tan interior. The tan matches the steps you see on the floor. The curtains are for movie watching so the surround doesn't go thru the large openings and bounce off the walls. Now that I am looking at these pictures I see clutter. You know that commercial where the dog hides the bone and they sing trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble,.....well I am singing, clutter, clutter, clutter, clutter. However, taking the shelves out are so not an option. Who knows what might be hiding behind that wall. But it would look great. So this weekend I am thinking about tackling the shelves. By that I mean paint and de clutter. Wish me luck.

I was thinking about redoing these steps, but now that I see them in the photo, I like them again. Ha ha, who knew?

Weekend projects?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bees Nest

This huge bees nest was in our fruit tree. We didn't even see it until after all the leaves had fallen off this year. It was huge. Wow.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Patio Lighting and "Boston" Pizza

Our amazing portal all lit up. See longer post below.

Probably going to need new curtains this year.


We have an absolutely huge portal. In the southwest it is called a portal. Call it what you want it truly is a back porch. We built it our selves and love it. We use it all year long. Anyway, the other night we had to make our now famous "Boston" pizza again. For those of you that don't know it is pizza made, I don't know backwards. Dough, cheese, toppings, then sauce. If you have never tried it, it is a treat. The cheese melts into the dough and it is yummy. Good enough to blow your diet for. So, I couldn't resist and had to post the pics of the pizza and our outdoor patio all lit up.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Big Green Egg - Cypress Grill Pizza

Pizza on the Big Green Egg -- or our Cypress Grill. Wow, it is great!!
Just delivered and on the porch. Technically it is a Cypress Grill, and it is great. It is a ceramic
grill and we wanted to try pizza on it for Christmas Day. It could be a new tradition, weather permitting.

Still admiring.
Cranking it up and putting on the first pizza. The pizza's got better and better as the pizza stone, and ceramic grill started breaking in.
We used a pizza dough from our local pizza place, and pizza sauce from the shelves of Whole Foods. This first one was a little thick, we started making them thinner. Our favorite pizza was one my Stepmom suggested called the "Boston" pizza. Dough, cheese, then sauce. Wow it was great, yep, sauce on top of the cheese. Yummy. - I forgot to photograph that one, as we were gobbling it up.

My dad helping to adjust the dampers for the smoke and heat.

A small stuffed crust, that I made for our daughter, who was inside watching tv, it was a little chilly, but not bad outside.

The first official finished pizza. It was great. Oh, and we all had a blast.