Monday, September 20, 2010

Wine Armoire, Bar Caddy, Liquor Cabinet out of old TV Cabinet

Finished!! Finished my Liquor/Wine Armoire out of an old TV Cabinet. May need a little adjusting, but I think it is on it's way. I had an old TV cabinet that was given to me by my parents, and I have converted it into a liquor cabinet. What is great is that I can close the doors and everything is out of site. Keep reading below.

Maria Gabriella Brito's Wine Closet/Wine Cellar, below, was great inspiration for my wine armoire.

This great Liquor Bar Cart below was also great inspiration, it looks like an old dresser.
Sorry, I don't have a source for the picture.

My before of the Liquor Cabinet. It is right in my entry and was just a catch and hide all. Normally the doors are closed.

After. Now, since this is borrowed furniture from my dad, I chose not to install anything. However, I am thinking of getting a hanging wine glass rack for under the wine glasses. I think it would add more visual interest, and allow me to store more glasses.

After, the doors actually recess into the cabinet, May need to add a mirror behind that might also give some visual interest. Art on side of cabinet is by Ed Wyatt Artist. (

Okay one last after, then some close ups.

The wine holders are free from Trader Joe's. You just go in and ask and you can take any you want. What a fun way to store wine. You could also just stack in a corner if you wanted, use your imagination.

Just a close up of the wine box from Trader Joe's. The 1044 Merlot is our wine label. We also made 1044 Malbec. We are currently building a full wine making room inour Garage, pics of that to follow.

Wine glasses etc. I may install a hanging wine glass holder under neath for visual interest.

Okay, what are you repurposing and working on? Let me know.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DIY Wine Armoire

I saw this image over at Love Where You Live's blog, It is Maria Gabriela Brito's Wine Cellar, Wine Closet. It got me to thinking, as I have no extra space in my 1947 house, where I could do a wine area. Like Maria, we too collect wine, and art. She has a new business Lifestyling by Maria Gabriela Brito.

So, I went looking for an extra closet, which I do not have. My husband is currently working on a wine room in our garage, as he makes wine, but not finished. So I still have a need for a wine cellar/closet/cupboard. See below....

This armoire, cabinet, used to hold a TV at my Dad's house. He sent it over here, and it was an entry catch all. See all the stuff it is catching. Well, I moved some wine glasses in it and it was immediate love. Stop by tomorrow for the finished project.

A project in a day. I love it. And, who doesn't have left over armoire's from TV's?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dressing up Container Gardens for Fall

I wish I had more time. Truth is, I don't always have time to garden. So, when fall comes, and my pots are starting to sit empty, I fill them with rocks, and free pine cones from down the street. Our neighbors have trees that drop pine cones, so I walk by, take my plastic bag, and load them up. Then, at the end of the season, I burn them in my outdoor fire pit.

What do you do to spruce up your container gardens?

Needs quite a few more pine cones. I only picked up a small amount the other day.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Decorating a Porch for Fall

I can't resist a linky party. So, 2 posts today. Pure Style Home is having the linky party, The link is Decorating your porch for fall. Here in the southwest, we are still using our hot tubs and pools, but the nights are cool, down to 65, with highs in the 85's. So we are just barely thinking of fall.

Anyway, to start my decorating, I always put out my Chiminea, sometimes, with candles, sometimes with small logs of pinon. Always great for somores.

These hang on the outside of my portal, you can view them from the ditch, where people walk over an acre away. Got them at the dollar store, and used the grapes, because my husband makes wine, and we do grow some grapes.

This one has an faux apple in it. The things you can find at the dollar store.

As the flowers die out, because they don't like the cold evenings, I fill the pots with rocks and pine cones. I need to go down the block and get a couple more bags of pine cones from my neighbors tree. This pot sits by my hot tub, and kind of hides the plugs.

I tie the curtains back with orange and brown ribbon which takes me thru to Christmas.

This is just a small start. Thanks Pure Style Home for the linky party.

Layering Artwork - Displaying Art - Styling Art

The pic below is from Carrie Brandshaw's Apartment in the HBO series Sex and The City. I love the layered artwork on the console. I also truly love the chair on the right, the leather Mission Chair.

This brings me to layering art. I love art. Really love it. I have it layered on my fireplace mantle in my front living room when you enter my home.

This is a fun layering of art. I have a picture of our dog, painted by my Mother-in-Law, an etching, the tree photo is by my daughter, the horses by me, and the two Serigraphs on the right are by artist Ed Wyatt. Love the look of layered art.

Here is a pulled back view of my fireplace mantle.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Outdoor Light Fixture Indoors

I have a long pass thru dining room. It sits in the middle of my home. On the left is the kitchen, you can see the glass tiles peeking thru. On the right bedrooms, and straight ahead thru a huge arch is the family room. So we walk thru this room, all day every day. Years ago, I spent a fortune on a long skinny table at Pottery Barn, that runs the same way the original hardwood floors run, and I have loved it forever. Worth every cent. Recently we redid the old overhead light fixture, and I came across this outdoor light fixture and hung it indoors. It is heavy and fun, and displays a great pattern across the dining room walls when on. Yes, it is hung very low, and that was by choice.

What are you using differently, or repurposing?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Coffee Table - Ottoman - Red Chairs

Emily A Clark is having a coffee table linky party. I love a linky party, so here are my coffee tables. If you haven't checked out her blog, it is wonderful.

What do you use for a coffe table? I use a copper top table in my front room, and an ottoman in my family room.

My house was built in 1947. It has a small entry front room as you can see in the photo. We use brown leather in both that and the family room, as you can see thru arches from the entry/front to the back. It gives a little more continuity. Not very easy to photograph, but as you stand at my front door, there are hugh cove arches that go to the dinning room, kitchen, family room, so you get a glimpse of all the rooms.

So in this front room is a copper top coffee table and side table. I love this room, it is perfect for greeting guests, reading, relaxing, just about anything.

You guessed it. The family room, and the Johnny Pole which I hate, but it holds up a clear story roof, (any suggestions?). We use an ottoman in this room, nothing on it, but our feet, although it is a favorite spot to lay down. The red chairs are a crazy favorite that we love too.

I guess I should have closed the laundry door, but, oops.

Thanks for stopping by.