Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Padded Headboard -- Fabric Headboard

Ok, so this is the headboard that started it all. I love Gossip Girl, a guilty pleasure, although this season, not quite as good. So I love Serena's Bedroom. I love the polka dot padded headboard. Gotta make one for my bed. I have just an old bedframe, and no headboard. So I'm gonna do it. I think. At the bottom of the post is a great instructional site on how to do this, as well as the, who has a great post on how she did hers. Enjoy.

"Serena's Bedroom" Gossip Girl. Photo CW Gossip Girl.

Love the blog below. Great instructions on how to do this headboard. So if you want a padded wall headboard, you can do it.

Photo and great instructions at: Great Blog Too!

More instructions on how to make a padded headboard:


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