Tuesday, June 1, 2010

9 By Design Bungalow Hotel

9 by Design Season Finale tonight!! Love, Love, Love that show. I have to admit, I have watched each episode more than once. Just love it. So imagine my thrill when I ran across the pics below at: Such a great blog. There is also an invite to the season finale, so If you are in New York, you should so go to the finale party. But, for those of us not in New York, we will have to pop some popcorn and enjoy on our DVR, or as it plays on Bravo.

Spoiler alert, the photos below show the Bungalow Hotel that will be shown in tonight's episode.

All photos, Sixx Design, and

Remember when they were talking about the flags for each bedroom?

Remember the trip to look at all the wood? Oh and how about the leather couch redo. Yum.

How about the cow pattern couch redo. It is amazing. Loving the extra large Queen too.

Enjoy the finale. Great show.

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