Monday, November 1, 2010

Styling Closets. Sex and The City 2 Closets

After watching Sex and The City 2 on DVD, I was dreaming of Carrie's closet. That will never happen as I have an old house built in 1947. Hey, a girl can dream. So I decided that I would work on styling my closet. I am going to get some new hangers at Target, possible the black velvet, would like a true white, but can only find a cream. For the hubs half (think the old Brady Bunch wall closet, I am thinking wood. I am worried that he would be too hard on the velvet ones. I noticed in Sex 2 that Big's side of the closet is different.

After I style, I will try and post pics. In the meantime, just swoon over these two closets, and the great clothing. Love.

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