Friday, December 17, 2010

Fabric Wall Headboard - Done in a Day!! Cheap

For those of you that follow, you know I live in a house built in 1947. It has the heavy knock off texture walls, and I mean heavy, sucks up the paint. This is a tight bedroom, barely walking distance at the end of the bed, (think it was an old one car garage), so we never really had a headboard. Since I have been coveting the Gossip Girl, gold and cream polka dot one, I decided to make one. This was made for my wedding anniversary, less than $150, and I love it, oh and I made it myself.

You can make it in an afternoon, I did.

Pic below is finished, I just recently painted all the walls white, yes love true white, it is a color.

Not a bedskirt person, so still contemplating that one. The lamps, are from Target, and make great nightstands.

Bedroom before, scary.
As you can see, super small bedroom, window on one side, closet on the other, and super small bathroom. But, hey an on suite bathroom none the less.

I went to Michael's Arts and Crafts, (any craft store will do), and purchased 16 x 20 size canvas, (I have a Cal-King bed), and I wanted it to look like a wall of fabric, measure, and search your canvas sizes.
They were on sale in packs of 5 - I bought 2 5-packs. Oh, and they were the cheap ones. So go cheap.

I went to Target, just love that store, love their Christmas Commercials too, haha. Went to Target, and bought the cheap foam for a twin size bed. Not the memory foam, the old fashioned cheap just foam, foam.
I bought some batting by the role, at the fabric store, and my fabric was commercial fabric on sale. Those costs will vary depending on your fabric choice, my batting was also the wide commercial width. (Can you tell I don't sew?)

Layed it all out to make sure it would all fit, it was tight, but hey it worked.

Then, cut and staple. Boy did my hands hurt, I used just a standard staple gun, I have since upgraded to a more commercial one.

Keep cutting and stapling, and make your corners kind of neat.

All done, now for the fabric. I admit, I did not match all my dots, as mine are small, and I liked the random effect. If this is not for you, then choose your fabric accordingly.
Layed out and ready to cut the fabric.

In the process of stapling the fabric to the backs of the canvas.
A few of them done.

Now, all done, lining them up on the floor, to see which ones I want in which position. As you can see, it appears when the bed is pushed up against it that it is a wall of panels, in reality, the space behind the bottom of the bed does not have any panels. Why waste the money?

Now to attach them. Cheap wood from Home Depot. Just drilled them on.

Flipped it over and placed behind the bed. Pushed the bed up to it. It looks magnificent. I love it. I am going to make one in a black pleather for my daughter. Maybe in time for Christmas. Hmmm, good idea.

Another view. How many times can I say I love it? I love it. I smile everytime I walk in that room, and now I make my bed.
Now for that ugly closet. Maybe some velvet hangers from Costco?

What are you waiting for? Make one.


Rebecca Zdybel said...

Thanks for sharing! Very cool and something I may help my daughters to try


All the work and you hid it!!!! It needs to be much higher on the wall. It would not only look could actually lean on it to read...whatever. :D

Shannon Prima said...

You could use two or three L brackets from Home Depot to attach to wall to raise it a bit. I'm with Sandy, it needs to be more visible. It's too pretty to be hidden. Also, your other dilemma...a bed skirt, yuk! But you could take some coordinating fabric and wrap your box spring. It will give the bed a more tailored appearance. I would love to see the end result!! :D

crazybrit said...

I love this! I'm not a "crafty" person but i think i can do this! Thanks for sharing,beautiful.