Friday, February 18, 2011

Tutu Desk -- Tulle Desk -- Made!!

This Black and Spiro desk is the one that started it all. I love this desk, and Lauren if you are reading this I would love to make one for you. ;)

Anyway, love this desk.

I have been using this old wicker 2 door cabinet in a room that sees little use except for printing, and exercising. It is ugly. It has been around for 15+ years, and was originally brown, painted white a few years ago. It has held, TV's and everything. When it held TV's I had a thick piece of glass cut for it that I have left on. It is a little rickety but it serves it's purpose. You can see from the back that I cut a place for cords.

But now it is a desk.....
Ok, so it is really ugly.

Having been inspired by Black and Spiro it is now a white tutu desk. I love it. This is the view as I walk by this room and it makes me smile.

How can you not smile. The red bag on the floor is for computers, but I use it as a cord keeper, it keeps the clutter down.

I kept the glass and left the wicker top. I like it that way, and can put pics under if I want.

I left the back side open, because I need to open the doors, and I use it as storage.

An old chair I put padding and stapled fabric to.

The other side of the room is for exercising.

Yep, more exercising and storage. Old houses, small closets.

No pic tutorial. I just took some broadcloth from the fabric store and cut/hemmed to size. Then double the amount of tulle, and cut the tulle into 6" strips. Then bunch and hot glue every 4" with 1" of hot glue. Then, honestly, staple gunned it to the top, where the staples would be hidden. Super easy.
If you could sew, you could sew it and it would probably be faster than hot gluing. But, I don't sew.
I have to say it again. I love it.

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