Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Luminarias as Summer Decorations

Simple to make luminarias.

Luminarias at Christmas in Albuquerque, NM, Old Town.

Luminarias, not just for Christmas. Those cute little brown bags with candles can be used as a summer decoration for a porch or patio. Put them out to guide your guests, and as a great source of ambient lighting. Maybe as a table scape decoration. They are easy to make and fun to use.
Bags -- lunch kind or called the good old fashioned #4. Brown or white. Brown is traditional.

Sand for bottom of bag and candle drip.
Luminaria candles, which are cathedral candles. If you can't find them, tea lights work great and can easily be thrown away bag and all.

Now traditional luminarias here in the southwest are double folded. Some people choose to use a decorative shear and cut the tops. Totally up to you. The double folding gives them some top stability.

So, light up your summer with some luminarias.

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