Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rachel Zoe Vintage Tassel Bracelet

It's no secret I love Vintage. I love Rachel Zoe. She has done tons for vintage. Made it more respectable. Yes, I know kiddies that vintage is classic, but hey, not everyone does. So when I saw tons of posts and questions on that great tassel bracelet she is wearing I thought where can I find something inspired by on the cheap. Saw several knock offs but they were $60.00+ and let's face it that's not cheap in today's economy, oh and did I mention they were gold filled. Well, maybe in New York, but here in the southwest not cheap. So below you will see some Forever 21, tassel pieces, that you can interpret and use to inspire yourself.

Forever 21 Tasselled Necklace $12.80. Wear as a necklace for an inspiration, or wrap around your wrist and make it a bracelet, you choose. Need more tassels go to our favorite craft store and get some in the jewelry finding department.
Forever 21 Tassel Necklace $4.80. Even cheaper, again, bracelet or necklace, you choose.

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