Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Redoing a Bed Side Table

It is no secret that I love Pottery Barn. I love it, they never have a look I don't like. They are so perfect for any home, including those older homes so many of us live in. With today's economy, refurbishing is what every one is doing. I guess you could say refurbishing is the new "black". I also love love love, that they use older type homes as their sets. Pottery Barn is quickly becoming it's own "Shelter Magazine". With so many folding, where are we going to go for inspiration.

But-- enough of my rant. Imagine my thrill when I saw this great red side table. I have some old nasty brown ones with tons of water rings that look almost like that one. I think I should sand and paint red. What a great look, or I could sand and paint black with a gold or silver undertone to peek through. Hmmmm, lots of choices. What to choose.

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