Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vintage Sears Mail Order - Homes - Giveaways

With the onslaught of advertising being put in my newspaper daily, it reminded me of the old Sears Catalog. Do you remember the Sears Catalog? Ok, how about Green or Gold Stamps, (that is totally another post). Remember, dog earring the pages, and showing your parents. Well, here is a blast from the past. Did you know Sears had mail order houses. They did and they have a whole archive of the houses, prices, descriptions, and floor plans at: What a trip through time.

The home below was the San Jose 1928, and was $2138. Now I wonder if that included the stucco?

The beautiful home below, was circa 1913 and sold for $1273, which included all the material to build it. Talk about your DIY project.

Remember Sears Giveaways? The Vintage cookbook below, was probably a giveaway, with a barbeque grill. It is a fun and entertaining light cookbook, with cute pictures. It is available at my Etsy shop. Atticroute66, just click on the link on the right of the page.

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