Monday, August 23, 2010

Old Farmhouse Table to Stylish Desk

My finished white pleather desk top. And my great view outside my window.

The farmhouse table top before. Still useable if I change my mind and don't want the white anymore.

I had an old 1980's farmhouse table. You know the kind. The wood top and white legs. Not huge, 48"x30". I have been using it as a desk. However, it didn't feel very elegant. So I ran over to my favorite cloth store and picked up some white pleather. I know, you think I am crazy, and the white pleather is more of a gray white. But I love it and I love the results. I simply wrapped it around, stapled and cut. I love my results and I love my new elegant desk. Any projects you are working on?

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Shouting distance away - I love that. :) It's great that you have a big window to look out at all the green. I think that always makes a workspace better. Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great weekend!