Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Latillas as Curtain Rods - Latillas (Wood Poles)

Old houses come with their own special and unique challenges. This house built in 1947, has cove ceilings, as well as large windows, not fit, or truly square, for the standard blinds, like mini blinds or the cellular shades. So, what to do? We are here in the Southwest, so we used Latillas, pronounced, La-te-yas. They are used for the ladders you see leaning up on houses, etc. So we bought some, and sanded them, so they were smooth, and then used them for curtain rods. They were about $7.00 a piece, which is way less expensive, than poles of this length $108". I also like the way that they let the drapes hang loose and casual. So look to your hardware store for odd items to use as curtain rods. If you live in the southwest, try a latilla.

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