Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mad Men Bar -- Armoire Bar - Make Your Own

While perusing Pottery Barn, I ran across these first three pictures of bars. As always I immediately thought of Mad Men, and how there was a bar in every house (pics below of bars in Mad Men and Rope). So it got me to thinking about an old armoire that was made to hold a TV that is in storage here at the house. I wonder if I could convert it into an Armoire Bar? Might be something for my January renovations. I can't help myself, every January I set about redecorating and renovating, not spending tons of money mind you, just repurposing. Oh, and it always involves rearranging. Maybe a bar like this will get included in my repurposing. If so I'll post pics. Hopefully this gives a little inspiration.

Above pics

Sorry I don't know where this picture is from.

Picture of interior apartment in Rope.

Mad Men.

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