Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend Projects -- Bookcases -- Bookshelves

At least 9 months ago we painted this room white white. I say, white white, because it is a true bright white. I love it. But, as you can see we didn't do the bookcase. The bookcase is a taupe with a tan interior. The tan matches the steps you see on the floor. The curtains are for movie watching so the surround doesn't go thru the large openings and bounce off the walls. Now that I am looking at these pictures I see clutter. You know that commercial where the dog hides the bone and they sing trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble,.....well I am singing, clutter, clutter, clutter, clutter. However, taking the shelves out are so not an option. Who knows what might be hiding behind that wall. But it would look great. So this weekend I am thinking about tackling the shelves. By that I mean paint and de clutter. Wish me luck.

I was thinking about redoing these steps, but now that I see them in the photo, I like them again. Ha ha, who knew?

Weekend projects?

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