Saturday, January 29, 2011

Painting Exterior Doors -- Black Doors

I am absolutely loving black doors. I love them all year long.
So, that begs the question do I paint my doors?
Oh, and yes, I currently should be painting my bookshelves.

Years ago, and I mean years, they were a blue/black, and the dog that did the scratching has since passed. Anyway, the house is old, and the doors don't match, and they kind of aren't 100% square, so, it begs the question....Do I paint them black? Or...Do I paint them to match the house? Hmmmmm.

So embarassing, really needs painting. This is the door that is more out of square than the others.
See how it looks and is uneven. I have tried everything, it is just the way it is going to be on a house built in 1947.

Suggestions? Comments?

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Anita Haley said...

Sure paint or rather stain it with gel stain, Home Depot or Orchard Supply stores, I did and it came out great. I used a dark stain like paint (applied it thick and left it on) on my old faded front door, I was embarrassed by how unsightly it looked before now it looks almost new. The door was so weathered by the sun that the stain obsorbed right into the wood. The finish is fairly even, no apparent streaking. I used Minwax, walnut.