Monday, September 20, 2010

Wine Armoire, Bar Caddy, Liquor Cabinet out of old TV Cabinet

Finished!! Finished my Liquor/Wine Armoire out of an old TV Cabinet. May need a little adjusting, but I think it is on it's way. I had an old TV cabinet that was given to me by my parents, and I have converted it into a liquor cabinet. What is great is that I can close the doors and everything is out of site. Keep reading below.

Maria Gabriella Brito's Wine Closet/Wine Cellar, below, was great inspiration for my wine armoire.

This great Liquor Bar Cart below was also great inspiration, it looks like an old dresser.
Sorry, I don't have a source for the picture.

My before of the Liquor Cabinet. It is right in my entry and was just a catch and hide all. Normally the doors are closed.

After. Now, since this is borrowed furniture from my dad, I chose not to install anything. However, I am thinking of getting a hanging wine glass rack for under the wine glasses. I think it would add more visual interest, and allow me to store more glasses.

After, the doors actually recess into the cabinet, May need to add a mirror behind that might also give some visual interest. Art on side of cabinet is by Ed Wyatt Artist. (

Okay one last after, then some close ups.

The wine holders are free from Trader Joe's. You just go in and ask and you can take any you want. What a fun way to store wine. You could also just stack in a corner if you wanted, use your imagination.

Just a close up of the wine box from Trader Joe's. The 1044 Merlot is our wine label. We also made 1044 Malbec. We are currently building a full wine making room inour Garage, pics of that to follow.

Wine glasses etc. I may install a hanging wine glass holder under neath for visual interest.

Okay, what are you repurposing and working on? Let me know.

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