Thursday, September 9, 2010

Outdoor Light Fixture Indoors

I have a long pass thru dining room. It sits in the middle of my home. On the left is the kitchen, you can see the glass tiles peeking thru. On the right bedrooms, and straight ahead thru a huge arch is the family room. So we walk thru this room, all day every day. Years ago, I spent a fortune on a long skinny table at Pottery Barn, that runs the same way the original hardwood floors run, and I have loved it forever. Worth every cent. Recently we redid the old overhead light fixture, and I came across this outdoor light fixture and hung it indoors. It is heavy and fun, and displays a great pattern across the dining room walls when on. Yes, it is hung very low, and that was by choice.

What are you using differently, or repurposing?

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