Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Coffee Table - Ottoman - Red Chairs

Emily A Clark is having a coffee table linky party. I love a linky party, so here are my coffee tables. If you haven't checked out her blog, it is wonderful.

What do you use for a coffe table? I use a copper top table in my front room, and an ottoman in my family room.

My house was built in 1947. It has a small entry front room as you can see in the photo. We use brown leather in both that and the family room, as you can see thru arches from the entry/front to the back. It gives a little more continuity. Not very easy to photograph, but as you stand at my front door, there are hugh cove arches that go to the dinning room, kitchen, family room, so you get a glimpse of all the rooms.

So in this front room is a copper top coffee table and side table. I love this room, it is perfect for greeting guests, reading, relaxing, just about anything.

You guessed it. The family room, and the Johnny Pole which I hate, but it holds up a clear story roof, (any suggestions?). We use an ottoman in this room, nothing on it, but our feet, although it is a favorite spot to lay down. The red chairs are a crazy favorite that we love too.

I guess I should have closed the laundry door, but, oops.

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