Monday, September 13, 2010

Decorating a Porch for Fall

I can't resist a linky party. So, 2 posts today. Pure Style Home is having the linky party, The link is Decorating your porch for fall. Here in the southwest, we are still using our hot tubs and pools, but the nights are cool, down to 65, with highs in the 85's. So we are just barely thinking of fall.

Anyway, to start my decorating, I always put out my Chiminea, sometimes, with candles, sometimes with small logs of pinon. Always great for somores.

These hang on the outside of my portal, you can view them from the ditch, where people walk over an acre away. Got them at the dollar store, and used the grapes, because my husband makes wine, and we do grow some grapes.

This one has an faux apple in it. The things you can find at the dollar store.

As the flowers die out, because they don't like the cold evenings, I fill the pots with rocks and pine cones. I need to go down the block and get a couple more bags of pine cones from my neighbors tree. This pot sits by my hot tub, and kind of hides the plugs.

I tie the curtains back with orange and brown ribbon which takes me thru to Christmas.

This is just a small start. Thanks Pure Style Home for the linky party.

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Lauren said...

I want one!! haha love your touches of Fall & can't wait to see more!! Thanks so much for linking up!! :)