Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DIY Wine Armoire

I saw this image over at Love Where You Live's blog, It is Maria Gabriela Brito's Wine Cellar, Wine Closet. It got me to thinking, as I have no extra space in my 1947 house, where I could do a wine area. Like Maria, we too collect wine, and art. She has a new business Lifestyling by Maria Gabriela Brito.

So, I went looking for an extra closet, which I do not have. My husband is currently working on a wine room in our garage, as he makes wine, but not finished. So I still have a need for a wine cellar/closet/cupboard. See below....

This armoire, cabinet, used to hold a TV at my Dad's house. He sent it over here, and it was an entry catch all. See all the stuff it is catching. Well, I moved some wine glasses in it and it was immediate love. Stop by tomorrow for the finished project.

A project in a day. I love it. And, who doesn't have left over armoire's from TV's?

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