Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Camping Cots - Beds - Coffee Tables

Years ago, wish I could remember when, there was a photo spread of Paul Mitchell and his lovely wife at home. In front of their big windows looking outside was an old fashioned camping cot with a feather bed top and a yummy blanket.

I really wish I had saved that pic. Anyway, in looking for some extra lounge type space I recalled that pic I had seen years ago, and went looking. I couldn't find it, but I did find a great idea from Martha Stewart using a camping cot. Use it as a coffee table with trays on top. How great would this be in a small house, then if you needed extra sleeping space, you are ready to go.

I love this idea. Must find somewhere to use it.

Two images below from Martha Stewart. Hey Martha, I don't Ipad or Ipod, but I would love an App to get your mag online, on my HP. Would love it. Just a thought.

Image below is a cot from Wally World (Walmart) for less than $34. I may need that for my guest room, so I can nap.

Cots, fun and functional.

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