Friday, March 4, 2011

Doors Again!!

Saw this photo today and it totally inspired me. You see, I have these 2 old doors that I have wanted to repaint, and they are kind of uneven, and sag. This old door is also uneven, see the bottom, yay, I am not alone, oh and I totally love the color.

Above photo via,

My old ugly doors below, they originally were a blue/black really deep and have totally faded over time, oh, and the dog did some damage, he passed away several years ago. I really need to do these doors.

The other outside door. Doors are really in need of a paint job.
I am thinking of having them match the house. Maybe that would minimize the look of the non matching doors, although they are quite a bit apart.

I feel spring in the air. Now, do I feel like painting?

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