Thursday, March 24, 2011

Outdoor Dreaming & Dining

My porch last summer, yep those doors. Need new curtains. I just buy the cheap Walmart polyester tab top curtains in the 2 pack for under $20. These have been outside for several years, and just need to be replaced.

Okay, still dreaming about doing my doors, 'nuff said. Except I love the wood screen door, I have one on the back of my house, but sadly it won't fit my front door. Lucky for me it is supposed to be windy, so no painting.

Garden troughs. I love above ground gardening. Hit up your neighborhood, or not so neighborhood farm store, here they are about $75.00, each.

I would so roast marshmallows in this fireplace.

Beauty. Enough said.

Love the pea gravel, love the raised bucket of drinks. Hmmmm, again at the farm store. No worries.


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