Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Inspiration

Just some Wednesday Insiration to get you thru hump day.

I love art. I have it all over my house. What I love in this room, is the step tables, and the creative couch. Is that 2 twin beds I see? Could be, not sure, but Love it. That's a capital Love.

I love leather chairs. They work anywhere. I also love a true white room. Just painted, okay a year ago, painted my whole house true white and love it.

The image below is from Sunset Magazine. I love the colors. I love the blue/green walls and the brown and leather. Here's the question, do you love or hate the really, really, really worn leather chairs? I am not sure, some days I love, some days I hate.

I love this!! I am still looking for inspiration in my guest room. This inspires me. Hmmm.

I love this look. Of course I would be the one on my hands and knees smelling it to make sure it didn't have any smoke, must, dusty smells. Come on laugh, haha.

Move around some furniture. Repurpose something. Be inspired.

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